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*Bathtub may be slippery after use, please use caution when exiting the tub. Residue left over can be easily rinsed/wiped away. We recommend using products in a clean tub because colorant/mica will cling to any existing soap scum. Always wash bathtub after use. Even though our bombs are tub tested, if you let any product with dye sit in your bathtub over time, it can stain. We do not recommend using bath bombs in hotel bathtubs, as they may have a wax coating that does stain!

*Please note that our products are handmade from start to finish. Please allow for slight color variations due to lighting and computer monitor settings. As well as variation in sizes (ex. a 6 oz. bath bomb could be 5.8 or 6.3 etc.).



Q. How do I use a bath bomb?

A. Easy! Fill the bathtub with water, add bath bomb, and let it fizz out! Enjoy!

Q. Why did my bath bomb sink?

A. Due to the nature of detail/size/shape of our bath bombs, some just may not float.  As well as the nature of bath bombs in general! I personally test each batch, but I can't test every one in the batch! ;)

Q. How do I use a shower steamer?

A. Simply place the steamer at the back of your shower, or anywhere not directly in the line of water, and enjoy the scent! You could also hang them in a mesh bag somewhere in the shower as well.

Q. Could I use a shower steamer as a bath bomb?

A. You could but I wouldn't recommend it. The shower steamers don't have the skin-loving oils in them that the bath bombs do!

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